Small Town Stuff

A couple of months ago I set up to do portraits at the senior center during one of their dances. One of the couples I photographed, Lynn and Willis, were also looking for a photographer for their 50th wedding anniversary. Willis is also my mailman and asked that I just leave a quote for them in my mailbox and assured me he would get it. From then until the date of the event we communicated through notes in my mailbox. When the date came I showed up early to Natural Bridge where the gathering was being held. It is a popular park in the area because of its beauty and seclusion, and there was another group of people there setting up for a wedding that was being held the same day right across from a group celebrating 50 years of being married. Once Lynn arrived and started unloading her car and frantically setting up for the party I asked what I could do to help and she handed me her wedding album and said I could go through that and showed me that at the end of the book was a bunch of blank space where my photos were going to go. Seeing their wedding album and the photos of when they began their journey and how happy they looked on that day 50 years ago, and how happy they still look together was such a neat thing to see. Lynn, Willis, and their family are such pleasant people and the whole experience was very rewarding from the first photo at the dance, the notes in the mailbox, the wedding and the anniversary at the same place, time, and date, to the last package I left in the mail for Willis to pick up today. 

Gift bag in gold containing their digital copies

Lynn & Willis 50th Anniversary 8-10-14


First photo from the dance.

Post-it attached to my mail

Post-it attached to my mail