Business Cards?

There are so many places to order cards from and you never know what you are going to get. I've had some bad printing experiences in the past but I recently ordered from Moo  and have been pleasantly surprised. They have a lot of unique designs that get you out of the typical business card shape and size and the quality is great. I ordered mini cards from them, which are half the size of normal cards, and they have this 'printfinity' idea where you can pick as many designs, or photos as you like. This is one of the features that I liked the best. As a photographer that photographs more than one thing, I was able to create a design that would appeal to people that need portraits, residential, architectural, food (advertising or editorial), and products. It was really nice not having to order separate packs of cards. I also received 50 free facebook cards, through an offer on my facebook page. I look forward to seeing how they do and the reactions I will get from people. Moo cards stand out above the rest and I would recommend checking out their products and seeing if they have anything that would work for your business.