My Gear

Here is a little behind the scenes look at my gear. I have pretty high hopes for the expansion of my equipment family, but at the moment this is what I pack to every shoot:

My gear as of July 2013

My gear as of July 2013

1) Nikon D90 (with a 50mm 1.4)

2) Lensbaby (most always with the star aperture) 

3) Extension Tubes (just in case I need to get a little closer)

4) Camera Manual (just to be safe)

5) On Camera Flash Cover ($10 to look a little more professional so I don't have to cover it with a post-it note anymore)

6) Cable Release

7) Intervalometer (newest edition for time lapse videos)

8) Lensbaby Accessories (mostly for fun)

9) SB 900 Nikon Flash

10) Sekonic Light Meter

11) Misc. Cord That Takes Up Space 

That sums up what is there. I hope to add a new camera body so I can convert my D90 to a full spectrum camera. However it is more realistic to add a new lens first. I am always more than happy to make room for new equipment.