California Sunrise

I rarely get the opportunity to see these because I am not often up before the sun. Yesterday, however, I was on my way to LA before the before the bright part of bright and early to go on a day of studio tours.   

Iphone sunrise on the way to LA

Iphone sunrise on the way to LA

Our first stop was Portraits by Kathy in Covina, California. We got to hear about how she got started by being an assistant and one day the photographer didn't show up so she had to make it happen and from that point learned everything she needed to along the way to become the photographer she is today. She has an amazing personality and captures beautiful portraits of people by giving them all of her attention and making them comfortable in front of the camera. 

Our next stop was her husbands shop, Azo Gallery, that happen to be right next door. Here we were told stories about business and the days that Galen Metz worked for Eastman Kodak as a representative for the film company.   

Our last stop was definitely the heart and soul of the tour. We were invited into the home / studio of Ronna Schary located in a quaint little neighborhood in the heart of LA.  She is a sweet woman with loving grandmotherly traits about her, and when you walk into her home you are greeted with such a comforting feeling. Her walls are one of the first things I noticed, they are covered with memories, the way my grandmothers and many others probably are, but hers are beautiful in color, and form as much as they are in meaning. Her memories on the wall are not just her photographs, they are also those of others, like the Henri Cartier-Bresson that was purchased for her as a gift from her husband, or the Arnold Newman that was a gift from Newman himself. As for her style she has a way of photographing truth in personality, she seems to wait for her subject to tell her something original and captures that on her camera. 

In all it was an incredible day for the price of gas and waking up too early, I got an invaluable amount of information and incredible contacts in the photography community. To top it off my boyfriend and I got to watch the sun set over the ocean ocean on our beautiful drive home through Malibu and Ventura.