Reflections on Photo School

I was on my way to school, about a block down from the front door, and there was this homeless man looking at the photos in the window. We usually have previews for the gallery showing going on inside that the public is welcome to come in and see. I assumed that is what he was looking at. This man was probably in his late 60’s, I’d guess from the wear on his face, and he was in a wheelchair. He started to leave once I got closer to the building and when I got to the spot he was I looked to see what was so captivating that he gave it so much attention, and it was an ad for the design firm that is located in the same building. On these posters are examples of their work, big beautiful, over-the-top, extravagant houses. The kind of house that is too much. Too much space, too much work, too much money. I’ve thought about this for 3 days now and it is something I will probably think about for a long time, one of the memories that stick with someone.